Welcome to Dirty Botany!

We go outside, hike, walk, yell, scream, (not at each other) drink and be merry. Our goal is to see new things, and document it for ourselves, and sometimes others. As our knowledge grows, we hope we can share it with you on Dirty Botany!

This dirty girl likes her amphibians.

Michelle and salamander on Big Night in New Hampshire

We love to learn, and via this blog we hope to share that love and that knowledge with you! Our life is full of adventures…tag along!

 A couple words of warning:

We are most definitely going to be using scientific names. 

Don’t be scared of the Latin! Trust us, once you start using scientific names for plants (and animals, and fungi), you will not go back to common names. Really, just trust us on this one.

We are still learning – just like you are. 

Sometimes we are going to be wrong.  If you catch a mistake, leave a comment and tell us, please! Also, unlike your average pretty-food-pic-recipe blog, we will be citing sources.  In today’s OH MY GOD I SAW A MEME IT HAS TO BE TRUE world this might come of as weird, nerdy, and a horrid flashback to college term papers….but we are going to cite our sources. You should, too.

On the same vein, our photos are all water-marked. We are proud of our photographs and work hard to take them. When all it takes is a right click to make a photo your own, here are far too many instances where photos are stolen (and yes, using a photo on your own blog without the owners permission IS stealing!) and we’d like to keep that from happening. Share away, but please don’t steal!

It’s not just Botany! 

We love plants. But we also love mushrooms and lichens and moths and beetles and slime molds and astro-photography and focus stacking and ducks and microscopy and cooking and hunting!
It’s all fair game on dirty botany.

Keith and Michelle Photographing Native Orchids

There is SO MUCH to see outside, you just need to start looking!
There are far too few people getting outside. There are far too few people curious about nature.
We are hoping to change that.

Thanks for joining us! Now get outside, and get dirty!

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  1. Cathy Dragonfly Reply

    Lovely photography! Great job. Very impressive. Keep up the good work. Peace ~ Dragonfly

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