Camping in Mollidgewock State Park

We headed north! Rather than staying at camp, we decided to tent it at Mollidgewock State Park which is located in Thirteen Mile Woods.  Thirteen Mile Woods is 2,754 acres that follows the east side of the Androscoggin River.

Mollidgewock State Park has 42 tent sites; since we were here so early in the season we were able to reserve the perfect spot, right along the river.  We did a little fishing, a little drinking, a little canoeing, and a little drinking while canoeing (makes it more interesting!).

There no real rhyme to the pictures here; just a few cool things we spotted!

Cypripedium acaule var alba White Lady's-slipper Mollidgewock State ParkWe don’t get excited for Cypripedium acaule…..unless it’s variation alba! There are albino (yes, alba is the Latin form of albino. Latin is easy! We told you!). So yes, these are White Pink Lady’s-slipper. You will notice that the sepal and the petals are still light green.

Horsetail with dew Mollidgewock State Park

Rain on a horsetail! We should do a post on identifying horsetails, because I need help with it, too. It is definitely an Equisetaceae species (Horse…Equine…Horse….Equine)…but which species is the question.

Mollidgewock State Park orchid Platanthera orbiculata

Mystery Orchid!!! We found this after some of that drinking-canoeing… we should have taken more measurements. Oops! This was on the west side of the Androscoggin River; we hope to get back and see it in bloom! It looks to be either Platanthera orbiculata or Platanthera macrophylla.

Lycogala epidendrum wolf's milk slime mold Mollidgewock State Park

Slime mold slime mold slime mold! I love slime mold!

Lycogala epidendrum is Wolf’s milk slime, or toothpaste slime. Earlier in life they were pink and slimy!

Mitella nuda naked bishop's cap Mollidgewock State Park

This picture of Mitella nuda, or naked mitrewort, has amazing intricate flowers. Tiny, too.

As a side note, this picture of  Mitella nuda has the most views of any picture on my Flickr feed….and I’m pretty sure it is because the word NAKED is in the title. Hey, maybe that will help here! NAKED NAKED NAKED NAKED NAKED NAKED NAKED

Moose Vertebra Mollidgewock State Park

Oh, just some moose vertebrae, that’s all! They were still a little stinky so I didn’t bring them home, but I’m totally regretting it!
Peziza species mushroom Mollidgewock State Park

Nooooooo, not edible. Cute, though! This is a Peziza species….

Pleurotus ostreatus oyster mushroom Mollidgewock State Park

Oysters! These ARE edible, of course. The classic Pleurotus ostreatus. On birch, which is not quite so common.
Actias luna moth Milledgewock State Park

Freshly hatched Actias luna!!!!!! His wings were fully spread, but he was not strong enough to fly yet. As luna moths spin their cocoons under leaf litter, you’ll find them freshly hatched on the ground, and it’s AMAZING.
Camping at Mollidgewock State Park, thirteen mile woodsThe crew. Keith and I, Parker and Jimmie, all packed up to leave (insert sad face).  With our New Hampshire State Park license plates (get ’em!) we are able to swing through here anytime we head to camp, launch the canoe and check out that mystery orchid.



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