Carnivorous sundew. Oh, and some Malaxis unifolia.

We are on the hunt for Malaxis unifolia! Green Adder’s Mouth. Tiny. Elusive.

Ranked S2 in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts, S1 in Connecticut and Rhode Island. We are getting close to bloom time, so now’s the time!

We knew where there USED to be a population a few towns away from us, so that’s where we headed. Once you see a native orchid (or any plant or mushroom) in it’s habitat, it’s far easier to find them in new locations.

So off we went!

Bogs, swamps, fens…. these are our favorite places! And yes, we found Malaxis unifolia. But we also saw LOTS of damselflies flying REALLY low…..

Dragonfly and Carniverous SundewAnd reeeeeeally hungry sundew!!!
Sundew and Dragonflies

This is just going to have to be time-lapsed. That’s all.

Goal #4852 for this summer.
Sundew and Dragonfly

Sundew are of the genus Drosera.  Drosera rotundifolia, or round-leaved sundew, is the most common you’ll find in New England.  The spines sticking up are sticky glandular hairs. When the insect gets stuck, the hairs and the leaf start rolling around it (it’s not a snap closed like a Venus Fly Trap, or Audrey II).  The hair produce digestive juices that start the breakdown of the insect.

How cool is that, really??
Malaxis unifolia, Green Adder's Mouth Orchid

And, of course, the Malaxis unifolia. Green’s Adder’s Mouth. This was one of this year’s goals….. scratch it off the list! Now we just need to wait a bit and see it in full bloom!

Malaxis unifolia seedling

My thumb, and the Malaxis unifolia seedling. And I don’t have big thumbs!

These are the best days. The sun was out. We were exploring a new area, full of life – plant life, insect life, slime molds. We are so flippin’ lucky to be able to do this.



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