New Hampshire Mushroom Company “Can You Eat It?” Foray!

This weekend marked the very LAST mushroom foray of the season.


That means that summer is really, truly, sadly, over.

However, as usual, the “Can You Eat It?” foray hosted by the New Hampshire Mushroom Company proved to be fun, educational, and delicious!

NH Mushroom Company Mushroom Foray White Lake State Park

The first foray of the day was at White Lake State Park in Tamworth NH, with waxy caps being the main goal. Both yellow waxy caps (Hygrphorus flavodiscus) and smoky waxy caps (Hygrophorus fuligineus) are edible, and quite abundant in this area. The caps can be a little slimy, hence the waxy cap name.
NH Mushroom Company Mushroom Foray, edible mushrooms

The second foray was at Big Pines Natural Area, also in Tamworth, and everybody met back at the farm to go over their findings. This was one of two tables… we found a few mushrooms!   Dr. Rick Van de Poll, mushroom-plant-bird-bug-everything-else-that-lives-in-the-forest expert and all around amazing man thrilled everyone with endless mushroom facts. Rick is actually of our favorite people in the world. If you ever get the chance to hear him speak or join him on a foray, you will not be disappointed!
NH Mushroom Company Cooking with Wild Mushrooms, Edible mushrooms

Next it was time for FOOD!

Eric Milligan of the New Hampshire Mushroom Company is a culinary genius when it comes to cooking with wild mushrooms. Check out this freaking menu!

*Mushroom Consomme Cappuccino
*Grilled Hen of the Woods with Roasted Garlic and Chive Dip
*Elm and Brie Croissant Turnovers

*Curried Butternut Squash Purée with Lion’s Mane and Oysters
*Bear’s Head Spinach Bake

*King Oyster Ravioli with Butter Poached Matsutake
*Mushroom Medley Ratatouille with Black Trumpets
*King Oyster Noodle and Chestnut Mushroom in Cashew Basil Pesto Broth
with Crispy Lion’s Mane Crouton

*Toasted Almond Bear’s Head Torte with Candy Cap Mushroom Syrup
*Elm and Lion’s Mane Choclate Ganache with seasonal fruit

*Chaga Tea
*Maitake Coffee
*Warm Fresh Pressed Apple Cider

I was IN LOVE with the Mushroom Consomme Cappuccino. Holy hell. On the wet chilly day that was today, it was perfect.
NH Mushroom Company, Candy Cap Mushrooms, Edible Mushrooms

Toasted Almond Bear’s Head Torte with Candy Cap Mushroom Syrup (Lactarius sp). Yessir.  Candy cap mushrooms smell and taste like maple syrup. I need to start baking with them, me thinks.

New Hampshire Mushroom Farm forays will start up again in the spring!


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