Promethea moths emerged! Promethea moths emerged!

Hooray! After being in the fridge all winter and as a centerpiece on my kitchen table for the past few weeks, the Promethea moths are beginning to emerge!

Promethea Moth just emerged on cocoon small

There were a few cocoons left on the forsythia bush in my yard, and this perfect female Promethea moth (Callosamia promethea) was just hanging out, patiently waiting for her wings to dry before I left for work one morning! They usually emerge late in the morning, giving them time to dry out their wings before they fly off in search of a mate that evening. The females don’t usually go far; the males usually come to them!

Male Callosamia promethea moth, just emerged

Just a day or two later the bouquet of cocoons on my kitchen table started to pop! The male and female Promethea moths are easy to differentiate – males, like this one, are significantly darker than the females.

Promethea moth just emerged with deformed wings

When Promethea moths emerge, it usually does not take long for their wings to unfurl. Due to a genetic anomaly or trauma to the pupa, this male’s wings never unfurled. As he would have faced certain death outside, he went into our freezer collection….

Callosamia promethea moth scales close up, macro,Dirty Botany

One of my favorite pictures ever. Super macro a female Promethea moth’s scales. Hello.





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