Rose pogonia Pogonia ophioglossoides flower side view

Pogonia ophioglossoides, Rose pogonia
(L.) Ker-Gawl.

Genus: Pogonia
Family: Orchidaceae

Bloom Time: June-July
Bloom Color:  Varying shades of pink, white variation (var. albiflora)
Labellum (lower petal) has green/yellow/white interior and is fringed
Plant Height: 8-35 cm
Usually only one flower per stem, occasionally two

Leaves:   There is one leaf, usually about half way up the stem, with smooth edges. It sheaths the stem, and is elliptical with a pointed tip.
Occasionally there will be a longer basal leaf as well.

Habitat:Rose pogonia Pogonia ophioglossoides flower  Rose pogonia loves wetlands!

During early summer you can find Rose pogonia in bogs, swamps, edges of wetlands, wet meadows, fens, and even disturbed habitats. Look for things like cotton sedge, sundew, leatherleaf, or cranberries, which all can be found in similar habitats.
Oftentimes you will see Calapogon tuberosus (Grass pink orchids) or even Arethusa bulbosa (dragon’s mouth orchid) growing alongside them.

You can find Pogonia ophioglossoides in all of the New England states. It is ranked S3 in Vermont, and is stable in the other states.