Epigaea repens (trailing arbutus or mayflower)Epigaea repens, trailing arbutus or mayflower bloom

Genus: Epigaea – The genus Epigaea is made up of three species, E. repens the only one occuring in the United States.
Family: Ericaceae (heath)- Plants in the Ericaceae family all are short, woody shrubs, and are usually evergreen.

Bloom Time: Early spring through May, although we often find trailing arbutus blooming well into the summer.
Bloom Color: White, sometimes with a touch of pink
Plant Height: 30-50cm
Leaves: Alternate leaves with smooth edges, quite thick and leathery to the touch. Evergreen!
Habitat: Found on forest edges or disturbed habitats, trailing arbutus likes well drained soil and a shady (or part-shady) location.Epigaea repens, trailing arbutus or mayflower leaf

Life Cycle: Epigaea repens leaves are evergreen. In the spring small white flowers will appear, oftentimes underneath the leaves. The leaves are replaced by a small white berry later in the summer.

Key Facts:  Epigaea repens is the state flower of Massachusetts. Good choice, Massachusetts!

You can find Epigaea repens in all of the New England states and is stable in all of them.




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